What makes a ¾ high Antik so special?

Before Antik boots were cool, they were functional.  The basis for the boots was to provide skaters with a comfortable, precise fit and the option of more ankle support. The ¾ design, unlike standard low boots, allows for the boots to truly follow the contours for the ankle and Achilles tendon. This contour creates a ‘hook’ that locks the heel in place, and gives you a secure, natural fit. This fit allows for your foot and boot to react as one, not your foot moving then the boot moving separately, which creates blisters and sore feet. The ¾ height also lets you cinch the boot higher and tighter than any other boot made. No matter how many straps, laces, or fastening systems a low boot has, there is no way to provide more ankle support, unless it covers you ankle.  This is why the ¾ design is special, and it’s only found on Antik Skate Boots.

Learn more about the boots by stopping by the GRN MNSTR booth at events, finding a local Antik dealer, and visiting www.grnmnstr.com



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