WWS 2011 = INSANE!

Holy Smokes!!!! If you didn't make it to the Wild West Showdown, you missed out! The 3 day event covered the entire spectrum of derby from jr.'s to mens, co-ed bouts to 'majors only' test bouts, challenges and open scrimmages, and finally nationally ranked teams and local unranked teams. Hell, the only thing missing was a banked track (possibly next year?) Friday saw some of the lesser known teams and the mens mini tourney which consisted of 4 30 min bouts and one regulation championship bout, captured by the Puget Sound Outcasts. The womens bouts featured some big names mainly Rat City, Rose City, Denver and Philly, which did not disappoint. The tourney was hosted by Slaughter Co. Roller Vixens and was attended by teams from up and down the West coast. The bouts were full of big hits, big falls, and big scores. We got to see total blowouts, close calls,  nail biters, sudden death overtimes, and come from behind victories, and none better than the all to familiar 'Rat City hustle', in which they find a way to battle back from a 50 point (give or take)  halftime deficit, to come back and win by 30 or so. Regardless of the outcomes, the event was insane, and as if you didn't know, the Antik booth was packed with skaters waiting for a chance to try out the new Antik AR-1's, and buy Gumball toe stops. This is just the begining to the 2011 tourney season, and all indications are that it's gonna get even better. See ya at the Dust Bowl in Bakersfield March 25-27, followed by the Dust Devil in Tucson April 3 & 4.