Reckless Evader, the Future of the 59mm Wheel

Photo take by: KJ Garner 
The Reckless Evader is by far one of the hottest 59mm wheels on the market. The Reckless Evader comes in four different hardness to suit whatever style floor you skate on (88a, 93a, 95a, 97a). The biggest question you might ask is, how is the Evader any different then any other 59mm wheel on the market....... well, the answer is easy! Reckless wheels took the 59mm mid-width wheel to new heights. Rather then shaving off the wheel and making it flush to the core, we have added a lip which will allow for more efficient strait-away strokes and more dig in and out of the corners, that you would normally lose on any other mid-width, 59mm wheel. Our new revolutionary compound mixed with this amazing new design to a mid-width wheel just proves that GRN MNSTR Roller Sports is dedicated to the SPORT (Yes, I said it, and proud of it) and growth of Roller Derby and its athletes!

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*Shout out to KJ Garner of the Nashville Roller Girls for the use of this amazing photo!