Reckless Wheel Are Coming.... ARE YOU READY!!!!


Reckless Wheels will hit the derby world Rollercon 2011... ARE YOU READY!!! What are Reckless Wheels you ask... well, they are only the sickest 38mm wheel on the market. What makes Reckless better than everything else? Hmmmm.... you will just have to hit up the GRN MNSTR Roller Sports booth at ECDX 2011 for a Sneak Peek!

ECDX 2011 and Then Some!

Wow, has it been a long time since we posted on here, and man do we have a lot to tell you!. There has been so much going on in these last few months that I do not think that my fingers can handle typing it all. Well, as most of you know ECDX is THIS WEEKEND, and so it starts the road to the Big 5 tournament season. As always, the Philly Roller Girls have gone above and beyond to throw one of the biggest Derby Shindigs together, and from what I hear, this will be the biggest EVER!

Make sure to stop by the booth and say whats up to Quadzilla and Shortbus because you know that GRN MNSTR Roller Sports will be on hand to help fit you in some hot new Antiks, grab the Gumball Toe Stops that everyone has been talking about, PIMP out your skates with Astro Nuts, and as always, help you find that right wheel for you!

Oh , and did I mention we might be sneak peaking some hot new products that will drop at Roller! Stay tuned, because you won't want to miss the bomb we are about to drop!