Cyber Monday!

Yes, today is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. What does this mean for you...  DISCOUNTS on DERBY GEAR! HIt as many online skate shops as you possibly can! While making my morning rounds earlier I noticed a lot of online Stores giving a ton of discounts ranging from FREE Shipping to Percentage discounts. Today is the perfect day to get out and buy those Heartless or B'ZERk wheels that you have been waiting for OR even put in a pre-order for the highly anticipated Antik Boots.

GRN MNSTR Roller Sports

Quadzilla Off to Jolly Ol England!

"Thanksgiving in Manchester"

The '2010 World Tour' continues as Quadzilla heads over the pond to reunite with the skaters and leagues of the U.K. November 24-29th. He will be having Thanksgiving dinner with the Rainy City Rollergirls in Manchester for the "World of Derby" weekend bootcamp. The U.K. leagues are spreading like wildfire, and definietly among some of the best in the world. Quadzilla will be doing on and off skate classes during the camp, as well as a little freestyle skating and scrimmaging. Make sure you check out Quadzillas new Antik boots and Gumball toe stops, if you ask him nicely, he might even have a few sets of toe stops to sell. 

Quadzilla LK

Gumball Toe Stops HAVE ARRIVED!!!!

The anticipation has been building since Rollercon and FINALLY Gumball Toe Stops have hit the docks at GRN MNSTR Roller Sport. We know that you have been begging and pleading to get your hands on these and finally they are here! Make sure you check with your local dealer to get your hands on these because, YES, GRN MNSTR Roller Sports is SOLD OUT! What does this mean for you? This means you better get to your favorite skate shop right away and place an order before they run out!

Gumball Toe Stops are superior to any other toe stop on the market! Why, might you ask, are Gumball Toe Stops better than any other toe stop on the market. Well, Gumball Toe Stops are made of super high rebound, high quality rubber. One huge complaint out in the market place is why in the heck does the stopper pull of the stem after two to three practices. We have a solution! The Gumball Stem is made of high quality aluminum with a much larger head than any of our competitors use. The head has holes drilled through out its surface to allow for the rubber to flow into and make a superior bond that will be impossible to pull off. In fact during testing we could not pull the rubber off the stem! We had to take greater measures and pull out a saw just to get the rubber off and inspect the head on the stem!

GRN MNSTR Roller Sports is the leader in innovative technology aimed at the Roller Derby Community. GRN MNSTR Roller Sports is here for YOU, the Derby player!

Quadzilla and Shortbus
GRN MNSTR Roller Sports

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WFTDA Championships... AMAZING!!!

Uproar on the Lake Shore was by far the best tournament that I have ever been to. When we arrived at the venue to set up our booth everyone from the Windy City staff was so awesome and very helpful! Quadzilla and I would like to thank everyone for coming to the booth and giving us positive feedback on the new Antik boots. I know the anticipation for both the Gumball Toe Stops and Antik boots is off the charts but don't worry, you will not have to wait long! Uproar on the lake shore had some amazing games, many that we will never forget. Congratulations to Rocky Mountain for never giving up and taking the Hydra back to Denver!

Also, congratulations to the Windy City Rollers for bringing an AWESOME fan base to the event. I have been to a lot of tournaments and have never seen that many fans EVERY day at a tournament.

We know that the Big Five tournament season is over, but that does not mean GRN MNSTR Roller Sports stops! Make sure you check out Quadzilla down in Cincinnati this weekend... you KNOW that he will have them Antik boots there to try on!