3/4" Technology is here to stay!

What is Antik 3/4" Technology you might ask? 

Some people are still skeptical about a ¾ boot, well here’s the scoop. The higher ankle provides the skater with added support and also helps the boots form around the heel of your foot, giving you a secure fit to limit heel lift. The ¾ upper allows the skater to get the added support but doesn’t restrict your lateral movement. In fact, the added support even makes the boot more responsive by joining the upper ankle and foot together. The material is strong, yet supple, which allows the skater to bend side to side for a full range of motion.  There is no way to get added support from a standard low boot (no matter how many straps are on it), but with the Antik ¾ configuration you have the OPTION of lacing it low to get the same feel as a low boot, and if the skater chooses, more support by lacing it to the top. In essence, the skater gets the best of both worlds in one boot.  Hit up your favorite Antik dealer and try out the boot that’s revolutionizing derby! 

Quadzilla LK

The answer to all your Toe Stop needs.... GUMBALL Toe Stops!

The answer to all your toe stop needs has arrived. Gumball Toe Stops are by far the HOTTEST toe stop on the market. This toe stop has insane grip which assists the skater with stoping and starting, and does not pull off the stem unlike other toe stops out there on the market. You might ask why we used this color, well..... we used the "cream" color because this is the natural color of the actual rubber when it is poured. Using any type of rubber in its natural state will make it superior to any other product that uses colored pigment. Don't be fooled by the imitation BITERS out there. They can try and use the same name BUT will never come close to the quality.

THIS JUST IN, Gumball Toe Stops are BACK IN STOCK! Our new shipment will not last so hit up your local dealer TODAY!